Beastybike’s ultimate fixie wheelset

Fixed gear bikes doesn’t require much components, but the less you have the most reliable it must be! This is the challenge I took with to build this dream wheelset.

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Based on my freestyle experience, the H Plus Son Hydra really feels to be on the coolest fixie/gravel rim ever. Made of G609 Alloy, the rim is 30% lighter without any concession on its stiffness, and that’s not all…



The Hydra

Weight: 455 grams
Material: G609 Alloy
Height: 23 mm
Width: 25 mm
Joint: Welded
Tubeless Compatible
For Disc Brakes
ERD: 591mm

The very first time I got introduced and seduced by those rims was in one of Matt Reyes’ sick edits. Seeing the following sequence was the ultimate proof that abusable rims actually exist, and that I would probably require two lives to break one of those…

Paul Components – The Ultimate Perfection

Technically what is made the best on earth. CNC Crafted.

Having always ridden nut hubs, I was to happy to finally get that smooth look and easy mount/dismount ability.

Moreover, you don’t need to bring your 15mm key with you when going out; it’s not a huge feature but it makes the difference.

Building the wheelset

Now that we have all the components required, let’s go and make this dream wheelset come true!

With @guilh.dx, we went on the “bord de Seine” to build this mad pair of wheel. Sat, with nice jazz music to carry us in that precise work, I wanted to show Guilhem that building a wheel is nothing but too easy! You just have to be focused on how you lace, otherwise you could pass more time reverting your work than actually lacing the wheel 🙂

For this reason, we went on le Dossier sur le rayonnage ( which gives all the steps to build a 32 spokes 3 cross wheel. This mention is important as the pattern will depend on those two factors (spoke & cross count)

After an hour and a half of lacing, we got half the final result (not tighten yet on the photo below). Again, lacing is not hard but takes time 🙂

Yay! A wild front wheel has spawned

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