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How to super slider on a fixed gear bike

I probably don’t know much about slider history, but thinking about it always forwards me to Jake Lanich’s. He is the one that democratized the super slider and would definitely be the one to rely on in a Fixed Gear Trickipedia project.

As shown in this extract, slider consists in pedaling backward while having the front wheel in a right angle. This way, you control the bike like a rudder.

Shout out to Jake Lanich & Matt Reyes for this shot part of the Jake Lanich’s Welcome to Wheel Talk.

Starting the slider

As for the fakie, there are several ways to get into the slider:

From a Fish ‘n’ Chips

First, you could start it from a fish ’n’ chips. If you already master this trick, you have, I’d say, 75% of the final slider feeling, depending on how comfortable you are with the fish ’n’ chips.

From this trick, all you have to do is to find the « limit angle » of your bars in order to counter the spin of the fish ’n’ chips. That way, you will no more have the feeling of spinning around your seat, but the feeling of being able to pedal straight backward.

On this picture, you can see that I’m intentionally opening the angle of my bars to counter the fish ‘n’ chips momentum. Therefore, you can then slide straight away.

Note that you also need to keep your weight at the back while maneuvering as it’s the main point that will make you stop the rotation (see Jake Lanich position after each rotation phase here).

From a Nose Bump

Otherwise, you can start it from a nose bump (or nose press). Find a decent wall to lean on. Practice a few nose bumps first. Once you feel comfortable, do the following while your momentum is going back down:

  • Grab your seat. If you’re right handed, you should do it with your right hand.
  • Bring your handlebar to your side with your other hand in a right angle (90°).
  • Start pedaling backward, as you would normally ride if you go fakie.

If you’re still wondering which hand does what, you’ll quickly figure it out by taking the slider position with no speed: which situation are you the most comfortable with?

PS: It’s also possible to start sliding while riding backward

Controlling the slider

Maintaining the slider is not that easy at the beginning, as it’s the complete opposite of riding forward, just like learning to go backward.

As the other tutorials, I want to focus on how important it is to put your weight at the good place. Here, when you start pedaling backward for the slide, all your weight is at the back and more precisely your body is out of the bike.
You can test how important the weight repartition is: try to pedal backward (still holding the seat and the handlebar) with your body on the seat and far back from the seat. You should notice a big difference: being at the back makes the front wheel cuddle the ground and let you pedal straighter and way easier!

Note: As many other tricks, you don’t need at first to put the straps on, but it’s easier to pull and push using them!

Now, all you have to do is to train, there’s quite nothing more to say! Good luck and as always tag me on my Instagram @el_fakijoe, it would be a pleasure to see you sliding around!

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