Bike Checks

Jackson Radshaw’s Mash Reyes Bike Check

While traveling around Europe, Jackson Radshaw came to France to see how the scene was going here. No surprisingly, he found Jakub aka @fixie_transformer in Grenoble and then came to Paris, where I met him with @deythos.

Fixed gear people are everything but boring: they have that common interest into biking with a certain spice of what you can’t explain about riding fixed gear : everyone feels it the same, but in a different way.
Meeting Jackson was like adding a colour to the palette. With his experience of founding the FOAD gang, riding FGFS (Fixed Gear Freestyle) for a while now, it was an honour to talk and trick with him.

Jackson got a new frame a few weeks ago, and got it built in a way no one else would. I could tell you a thousand things cool about this nice guy, but let’s move to the bike check. The Mash Reyes bike check. 🙂



MASH Reyes Steel Phosphate Frame


WTB iTough


38c Panaracer Gravel King
(De face)
38c Specialized Pathfinder


Profile BMX Cranks (160mm)


Pro Taper (with Mike Hoder grips)


BSD Safari


Odyssey Bluebird Chain


Profile BMX


MASH Reyes Steel Phosphate Fork


Level Components


Sapim Black


Profile BMX Spider w/ AARN 43 tooth ring + Sugino 75 Bashguard


Thomson 70mm


WTB Volt



Jeu de direction

N / A

Freestyle session @ Les Invalides, Paris

The second day we met after work and went to the Esplanade des Invalides. Here are a few pics of Jackson around the Napoléon III bridge and stuff.

Warm golden hour

Golden hour creates a really fancy contrast on the tubes and components, especially revealing that handsomely sober paint job.

A quoi sert un tel build ?

I wanted to build a do-it-all bike that could handle tricks but also maintained a traditional fixed gear geometry.

I do trick riding mostly with it, but sometimes I will ride somewhere with my girlfriend to see a movie or play Pokemon.

What makes it special?

It is great bike for any kind of ride. It’s solid for tricks and getting around town. I like having shorter cranks for doing barspins.

Une astuce préférée ?

For me I really like to incorporate “spots”, things from the natural environment. Flatground tricks are okay, but I’m not very good* at them and they get boring to me sometimes.

* below is the actual Jackson’s definition of “not being very good at flat tricks”

Qu'apporte la géométrie du cadre ?

The frame geometry is really nice. It’s very nimble. I like how short the wheelbase is – check the back tire clearance.

I really like the drivetrain of this bike. It’s really unique and works very well for what I am trying to do.

Des inconvénients ?

I did a 48km ride in the mountains, we climbed 700m and descended 1,800m; the gear ratio was way too spinny and I wish I had longer cranks. 🙂

Quelque chose à ajouter ?

Thanks for showing me a great time in France!
It was great to meet you and the rest of the fixed gear family.
Stay tuned for a new FOAD full-length movie this fall!

Tu peux follow Jackson on Instagram to see his all his content, and follow me for more fixed gear stuff @el_fakijoe.